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Many people take online payday loans to help them with everyday needs. A quick personal loan to take to help with these expenses is a payday loan. A payday loan with no credit check can be considered as a small cash advance given before payday. It is an unsecured loan because no collateral is taken to guarantee that payment will be made. This loan is granted on the basis that the borrower has a previous current record of employment and proof of salary payments.

Payday Loans – a.k.a Payday Advance

Payday loans are a kind of personal loans that are a short-term solution for people in quick need of cash. These types of loans are usually limited to small amounts to tide the person over until their next payday. The money is usually made available within hours and is deposited directly into the applicant’s bank account. The full amount plus interest will then be withdrawn from the same bank account on the next pay date of the applicant.

The process of obtaining an online payday loan with no credit check involves the lender providing the borrower with cash advance which is to be repaid on payday. To ensure this, the lender demands proof of paid employment. Payday loans are taken by most people because of the ease of acquiring it. Unlike loans obtained from the bank, no collateral is needed to collect this loan. This is another way to improve a low credit score. Interest rate regulations are created and enforced to ensure that lenders don’t escalate their rates with no control.

No Credit Check Payday Loan

The credit score is dependent on so many factors such as credit balance usage, payment history, total accounts, etc. – one of these factors is the number of hard inquiries, which is basically how many times the person applied for a credit. Most traditional financial institutions like banks or corporate lenders check the potential borrowers’ credit score to determine if they want to lend the money. So, every time you apply for a credit (loan, credit card, etc.), traditional lenders perform a hard credit check that affects your credit score negatively. Also, if your credit score doesn’t meet their criteria, most likely they deny the application and leave the applicant with a lower credit score. While chances are already low to get the cash you need with a bad credit, looking for a loan through these institutions may make the situation even worse; and that is not fair.

Credit Score Distribution – *FICO 2017


According to FICO, almost half of the population have a credit score below “average” state. Dealing with day-to-day grind is already overwhelming, and an unexpected expense may make it harder to maintain the cash flow. If you try to get a loan with bad credit, not only you may be rejected but also you may end up with a drop in your credit score. In cases which you need the cash as soon as possible without having to deal long process and risk of decrease on your credit score, which you try really hard to increase, a no credit check payday loan should be what you are looking for.

No credit payday loan requirements

Compared to other more traditional loans, the process of applying for and getting an online payday loan with no credit check is relatively easy. Accessing a payday loan requires a few requirements: The most important one is a verifiable and stable source of income. You also need to be over 18 years and a permanent resident of your state. Getting a payday loan is pretty easy once you meet these requirements.

How long does it take to get approved for a no credit check payday loan?

Once you have completed the online application and applied for an online payday loan with no credit check quote you will receive an instant reply. Depending on the type of loan you are interested in, the amount of money you want to borrow, and the lending company, it can take a couple of hours to receive your money. Mostly, a no credit payday loan of $1,000 and under can be processed easily and your money can be wired directly into your checking account.

To make sure you get the fastest possible response, double check the information you give on the application. Inaccurate information leads to delays in processing your personal loan.

What interest rate will I be paying for online payday loans?

The interest rate will vary and depends on a variety of factors, firstly it will depend on the amount you’re looking to borrow. Smaller loans (less than $1,000) are easier, quicker and do not require a credit check. For higher amounts, your interest rate will depend on factors such as your credit and payment history, the state you reside in, and your debt to income ratio.


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