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Credit Inquiries: Hard vs. Soft

Let’s talk about credit inquiries. There are two ways that potential creditors go about checking your credit (“pulling your credit”): hard inquiries and soft inquiries. What are the differences? And how does each type of inquiry affect your credit? We’ll explain it all: What is [...]


How To Increase Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Once you have declared bankruptcy, it’s unfortunate that many of the things you need or want in life still involve credit. Home loans, auto loans, and many other significant purchases demand proper credit ratings. Negligence in timely paying bills can make credit scores plunge. This [...]


The Best Ways to Stay on Top of Your Credit

Whether you have bad credit or good credit or even no credit, staying on top of your credit status is an important part of being financially responsible. We've listed the best ways to check your credit to help you stay on top of your credit: [...]

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